Workshop Programme

The 2018 Workshop Programme will be available
shortly on our new website.

Please note that Celebrating Dance is not suitable for absolute beginners. Ideally you will have been taking weekly classes for approximately 12 months in order to get the most out of a workshop. We do not offer any workshops suitable for dancers who have only just started out on their belly dance journey.

Guidance Notes on workshop levels can be found here.

Points to remember:

  • Always provide TWO choices for every workshop session you wish to participate in. This is essential as no matter how early you book, some workshops are always more popular than others. We do our very best to ensure that everyone gets most, if not all their first choices but it is also our policy to ensure that workshops are never overcrowded. Please note that providing just a single choice for a session does NOT guarantee you a place in it. The later you send your booking form back, the less likely you are to get many of your first choices.

  • Please make sure that you complete both pages of the booking form. We cannot process a booking form if we do not have your contact information. Failure to do this may delay processing your workshop requests, meaning you may not get all of your first choices.

  • Don't forget to keep a copy for your records - confirmation of your choices will be on your ticket when we send it to you.

  • Please note that Celebrating Dance is not suitable for absolute beginners, we do not offer workshops for this level of dancer. If you have been dancing for less than a year, talk to your teacher first to be sure that you have enough training to enjoy the workshops. Click here for Guidance Notes on workshop levels. There is nothing more disappointing than finding you have invested money in a weekend that is just too challenging at your current level of training. We would prefer not to have your booking rather than see you disappointed because you found the workshops too hard. If you aren't sure, please telephone us for advice before you buy a ticket.

  • Please read the guidance notes about workshops levels carefully before choosing your workshops. Don't sign up for something that is a lot higher than your current level, as there is nothing worse than struggling in a workshop because the instructor is teaching a subject which requires a knowledge of technique you haven't yet learned or mastered. Choose something that will challenge you but is within your reach, otherwise you will not enjoy taking the workshop. Most dancers want to move onto the next level and workshops are good place to start, but struggling and coming away disappointed is not conducive to either enjoying a workshop or learning something new.

Don't forget that learning is meant to be fun and you are also on holiday!

Workshop Level Guidance Notes

Open Level - These are non-dancing sessions of talks/lectures/discussions and they cover a wide range of topics, Here are some examples of the sort topics we have covered - music, make-up, recognizing different dance styles, cultural information, costuming, basically anything that doesn't involve any dancing. Provided there is room, most lectures are open to those on partner passes but please tell the staff at the Registration Desk so they can check if there is space and add you to the register.

General Level - These workshops are aimed to give something to most levels of experience but are NOT suitable for absolute beginners.

Improvers - you have the mastered the basics and are looking for something a little more challenging to take your skills to the next level.

Intermediate above - dancers with at least 18 months to 2 years experience of regular weekly classes who are looking for something a little more challenging.

Intermediate + and Advanced Level - these workshops are designed to be challenging and are not recommended for dancers with less than 3 year's training. Absolutely NOT suitable for dancers with less than 1 year's training.

Make sure that you choose workshops that you will find fun, teach you new skills but are not so challenging that you don't enjoy them.